Visual Arts projects will be assessed in the following areas:

Creativity, originality, artistic growth

  • Are you developing your own style? 
  • Is your imagery unique?
  • Are you taking risks and experimenting in new ways?

Technique, quality, craftsmanship

  • Are you learning to use a range of media effectively?
  • Are you making progress and showing improvement in your work?
  • Does your finished work look ready to hang on a wall?

Time management

  • Are you using your time in class effectively?
  • What do you do if you’re finished early or having trouble coming up with a new idea?
  • Are you finding ways to develop your artistry and artistic knowledge outside of the classroom?

Studio management

  • Are you taking care of the supplies you use?
  • Are you using materials in an environmentally-responsible way?
  • Are you helping to take care of our classroom and communal supplies?

The full rubric can be downloaded here.
Please note: we can also co-create additional, specific criteria for each project.

Finally… you MUST seek peer AND teacher feedback while working on each project. This will be informal – chatting as you work, asking questions as you face challenges, etc. YOU get to choose what feedback to incorporate and what to ignore, but this part of the process is not optional.
Good news: feedback will improve your work and broaden your ideas, plus it will ensure no surprises for either of us at the end!

Meetings to determine percentage marks will occur at the end of the term and again at the end of the semester. All completed project work must be self- and teacher-assessed before that time. Sketchbook work, projects and work-in-progress will be taken into consideration. More info to follow.