We’re going to kick the semester off with a Task Party, and then make some Art Remixes – start creating in unique ways!

Make your Portfolio
Your portfolio artwork will be a work in progress throughout the semester. It must include your name and should represent you in some way. Please use only non-smudging media (no oil or chalk pastel).

Draw, Draw, Draw!
Complete four drawings (at least 30 minutes each): from observation, memory, your imagination and a feeling.
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Get To Know Your Medium – Make Some Marks!
Explore the marks, textures, colours, etc. you can make with pencil, pencil crayon, ink, charcoal, chalk pastel, oil pastel and watercolour. Then, create 4 small, finished works – 3 drawings with dry media and 1 watercolour painting.
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Idea Bank #1
Fill at least 2 pages of your sketchbook with potential inspiration for future art projects. Collage or sketch images, colours, textures, words, concepts… anything that intrigues you.
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Meet with Ms. Goldberg
Be prepared to discuss what you are interested in doing in art this semester and establish your goals for the term. Have your project planning sheet for Self-Directed Project #1 ready for sign-off.

Self-Directed Project #1
Any media, any subject, any size – it’s up to you! Start with a sketch in your sketchbook, then fill out a project planning sheet and seek feedback and sign-off from Ms. Goldberg during your conference.

Colour Theory
a) Colour mixing activity in your sketchbook – cut out 5 colour samples from magazines (including one sample of flesh from a photo of a person). Using only red, yellow, blue, black and white tempera paint, mix until you match the samples.
b) Then, decide what you want to make for your project (5+ hours), ensuring you use mixed or blended colour in some way (watercolour, acrylic, chalk pastel, oil pastel, pencil crayon, etc.).

Term 1 Conference
Be prepared to discuss your progress and assess your goals, through both your sketchbook and completed project work. Determine a percentage mark for the term and explain your reasoning. Establish your goals for the next term.

Practice drawing faces from photographs, in your sketchbook. Consider how portraiture tells a story of a person. Project will incorporate portraiture in some way.

Create art that is designed for people to interact with.