Art Remixes

Kehinde Wiley
takes inspiration from classical European paintings of nobility, royalty and aristocrats (exceptionally rich white people), and re-defines the narrative by representing contemporary urban black men and women (some celebrities, some people he finds randomly) in their heroic, powerful poses.

Andy Warhol created his series of portraits of Marilyn Monroe in 1967. Banksy borrowed from Warhol to create his series of Kate Moss in 2011, and Vancouver artist Tiko Kerr remixed the iconic portrait in 2016 by collaging an image of furniture over her face.

Your task: take a classical painting and remix it to tell a new story, using collage, ink, cut paper, etc.
Think about: what will you keep? What will you change? How will you tie it all together?

Some inspiration: Collages by Ekua Holmes and Miriam Wosk: