A favourite gift! Show off your hand-building or wheel skills and make a mug.

Project Goals

  • Create a functional form that can be used as intended
  • Show growing skills in working with clay, as they apply to the methods used (e.g. working with slab; making and attaching a handle)
  • Show willingness to try new methods and techniques
  • Create a quality finished product, paying special attention to food safety, smoothing, even thickness, drinkability, sturdy handle, and a level bottom

Student Examples

Project Prep

  1. What kind of mug do you want to make (coffee mug, teacup, etc.)?
  2. How tall and wide should it be? (If you are handbuilding, the height and width will determine the size of the slab you use.)
  3. What method do you want to use? (Tripod mug video tutorial below.)
  4. What kind of bottom will it have (flat, tripod, coil, etc.)?
  5. How will you make it interesting (texture, design, add-ons, etc.)?

Video Tutorial

How to make a tripod (3 legged) textured mug from slab: