Rocks and wood

April 14, 2020

Art can be made from anything. There are lots of fantastic art supplies in your back yard and at the beach.

Over the last few weeks, students have been sending in photos of fantastic painted rocks they’ve created.


Wood makes a great surface for your artwork too.


Don’t have paint? No problem! Permanent markers (e.g. sharpies) work too.

If you have liquid white-out, or spare house paint lying around, you could do a base coat, then draw on top of it.

Check out these funky painted and drawn-on rocks and sticks (found online).


If you have some craft supplies and a glue gun, why not make yourself a pet rock?



  • Wash your rocks and wood pieces before using them. Critters may have pooped on them!
  • To make your rock shiny, add a coat of clear nail polish, clear varnish, or modge podge. Test it first!