Art Remix

Andy Warhol created his series of portraits of Marilyn Monroe in 1967.
Banksy borrowed from Warhol to create his series of Kate Moss in 2011.
Vancouver artist Tiko Kerr remixed the iconic portrait in 2016 by collaging an image of furniture over her face.

Your Assignment

  • Use images from old art books and remix them to tell a new story.
  • You can collage, draw, cut paper, sew, etc. Ask if you’re not sure where to find or how to use something.
  • Think about: what parts will you keep? What will you change? How will you tie it all together?

Student Examples

Contemporary Collage Artists

Eugenia Loli (Greece/US)

Jose Romussi (Chile)

Mark Wagner (US)

“For a collage artist, destruction is the first necessary step.
Your materials need to be broken down before they can be put back together in a new way.”
– Mark Wagner