Movie posters

Well designed movie posters combine effective typography and imagery to communicate a message about the movie’s story.

Typography: The style, arrangement and appearance of text
Learn about serif and sans serif fonts

Movie posters that feature typography:
• Text is the main image
• Other design elements (images, shapes, colour) support the text

Movie posters designed by Saul Bass
• Saul Bass was a filmmaker and graphic designer known for his innovative style and approach to poster design from the 1950s to 1980s
• Imagery consists of simple shapes (cut paper, disjointed figures) and strong, minimal colour schemes, which is echoed in the typography

Movie posters designed by Olly Moss
• Olly Moss is a 29 year old English graphic artist known for his re-imagining of movie posters
• Focal point is a minimalist illustration composed of strong, simple shapes and colours