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Ekaterina Koroleva – Watercolour and Ink

Pay attention to Ekaterina Koroleva’s composition choices, i.e. where and how she places her subject in the frame (running off the edge, pushed to one side, parts cut off or eliminated). That, combined with her loose, layered sketches, subtle colours, and simple shapes, create an interesting aesthetic. More on Ekaterina Koroleva’s website.

Ali Cavanaugh – Watercolour Portraits

Subtlety is a key word when it comes to describing Ali Cavanaugh’s watercolour portraits. She uses thoughtful colour schemes that evoke feeling, pays deep attention to light and shadow, captures all the necessary details of photorealism, with the looseness and unpredictability of watercolour. Images of her work, info about her artistic process, and more on Ali Cavanaugh’s website.