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Ekaterina Koroleva – Watercolour and Ink

Pay attention to Ekaterina Koroleva’s composition choices, i.e. where and how she places her subject in the frame (running off the edge, pushed to one side, parts cut off or eliminated). That, combined with her loose, layered sketches, subtle colours, and simple shapes, create an interesting aesthetic. More on Ekaterina Koroleva’s website.

Amy Sherald – Portraits

So much to look at in Amy Sherald’s portraits – the flat, bright, backgrounds with subtle texture, the monochromatic grey skin tones, the saturated colours and patterns in the clothing that contrast with the background, and the small details of light and shadow in the folds of clothing and the way it drapes over the figure to give these otherwise flat portraits a hint of depth. See more on Amy Sherald’s website.

Ali Cavanaugh – Watercolour Portraits

Subtlety is a key word when it comes to describing Ali Cavanaugh’s watercolour portraits. She uses thoughtful colour schemes that evoke feeling, pays deep attention to light and shadow, captures all the necessary details of photorealism, with the looseness and unpredictability of watercolour. Images of her work, info about her artistic process, and more on Ali Cavanaugh’s website.

Recycled Portraits

Portraits made from various objects and recycled materials. Note the artists’ choices in materials used, and how they help tell the story of the subject – the portrait of Steve Jobs is made from e-waste; Robert Smith of the Cure made from cassette tape ribbon; Jimi Hendrix made from guitar picks.

Portraits – Facial Features

Meet my pal Justin. He wants us to draw his face.

Sketchbook Activity, Part 1 – Proportions
Look carefully to see where features are on the face, and what they are aligned with. Start with a loose, light sketch and all the guiding lines you need, and rough in where the features go. Once you’ve got everything positioned, and your proportions look accurate, then start to build up the details. Continue reading